Top 5 Things to do in Goa

Goa is an exquisite place that holds a definite status as a top destination spot on many travelers’ bucket list. Resting on the western part of India on the shore of the Arabic Sea, it offers an outstanding amount of wonderful beaches. Goa is mostly known for its beach holiday opportunities but exciting outdoor activities, vigorous wildlife and quality night entertainment can all be found in India’s smallest state as well. Hopping on a surfboard, rafting down a wild river or playing real life poker are a few top things you can choose from when some fun and great heartrate pumping action is desired.

Spend a day between elephants

The natural beauty riding on an elephant’s back and sleeping in a mud bungalow can bring to people is clearly amazing. This is one of the closest-to-the-nature activities in Goa including elephant bathing (or quite often the other way around), a jungle tour on elephant back or even a night spent with locals next to Ponda. You can feel like a royal on top of the innocent elephants as well as become their friends quite quickly by feeding them watermelon and other sorts of fruits they like. Trips can be booked through operators online and in-person as well.

Off-road quad biking

Exploring jungles and beyond touristy areas in Goa on a quad bike is definitely an activity that should get on a to-do list. With the 4-wheel ATVs every journey is adventurous, fun and an experience that will certainly retain great memories. Shops offering 4×4 quad bikes can be found in the northern part of Goa. Most places offer different types of tracks, one is more extreme where enjoying the mud, sand, rocks and bumps are guaranteed. Another option is through the jungle with natural elevations providing a gentle but definitely unforgettable journey. A few things to keep in mind are that the renter needs to be at least 14 years old and that quad bikes cannot be ridden on the actual roads without a permit.

Houseboat tour

A houseboat tour is clearly a once in a lifetime action for most people, since it is rare they will ever spend a single or several nights in an old fashioned but fairly spacious boat. The tours offer the experience to see the sunrise when fisherman put out their nets to start the day off followed by amazing Indian culinary food from excellent chefs. To close down the evening you can watch the sunset while slowly floating on the river and when it gets dark another awesome addition comes to close down the day with a great show. A quiet, natural and authentic environment awaits everyone on the backwaters of Goa where every minute spent is amazing.

Visit a fabulous casino, Deltin JAQK

Deltin JAQK is one of the number one destinations for those who enjoy casinos. This gaming space is special because it is a floating casino sitting on the Mandovi River. It offers a high quality experience for players wishing to gamble in Goa. The Deltin JAQK operates 24/7 offering entertainment on four levels. Playing live table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and Roulette on 50 tables or enjoying slot machines makes this floating casino an exclusive activity. Next to gaming, exceptional dining and performances are offered regularly as well. Make sure to choose the right time for visiting the Deltin JAQK because food is not served all the time as well as the casino might get quite crowded when the sun goes down.


Experience and learn amazing water sports

Goa offers dozens of kilometers of sandy beaches which are the most favorite spots for travelers. Lying down and enjoying the cool breeze is a great activity for most but others have the opportunity to choose from the opposite kinds of heart rate pumping activities. These include surfing on the small or medium size waves, riding a jetski, exploring the underwater life by scuba diving or snorkeling and if someone feels brave enough to go up in the air then parasailing should be their choice. Some of the top beach options according to travelers are Agonda Beach, Palolem Beach and Mandrem Beach. Make sure to check out how crowded each place could get before you pin point it out as a destination!